Wrong Direction’s “Disclosure”

24 Oct

Full Frontal Freedom Romney boy band parody. . .


Babies in Republican political ads

3 Oct

Babies in Republican political ads

Is this what courting the female vote has come to? eek.


Sarah Silverman on Voter ID

25 Sep

Discretion advised for language – NSFW


Naomi Wolf comments on women’s bodies in the news (again)

19 Sep

Naomi Wolf comments on women’s bodies in the news (again)

I seems that breasts and vaginas are still making headlines. . . and here’s what Wolf has to say about why that is; she’s making connections between the media coverage of the topless Kate Middleton photos, a classroom breastfeeding controversy, the shock value of the word “vagina,” and the recent Pussy Riot verdict in Russia. 

Panel discussion on the #YoSoy132: Mexico’s Networked Social Movement – Sep 20, 5pm at the NERD Center

17 Sep

hope ppl from my classes can make it to this!!

Social Media Collective

In collaboration with the MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Microsoft Research New England is hosting a discussion about the #YoSoy132 activist movement. Open to the public.

What: #YoSoy132: Mexico’s Networked Social Movement

When: Thursday September 20 at 5:00 PM

Where: Microsoft Conference Center (Barton Room) located at One Memorial Drive, First Floor, Cambridge, MA


The role of social media in movements like the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street has been much discussed, and such “hashtagged” social movements continue to appear in multiple latitudes. The panelists will discuss the development of the #YoSoy132 movement, “I am 132” in English, an ongoing student-led activist group that fights for democracy and against media bias in an apparent attempt to impose the next president of Mexico during the recent 2012 general election. The movement embodies the collision between centralized traditional media and distributed social media, and reveals the…

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Gender and Media

5 Sep

Welcome to my blog for Gender and Media, a course designed toward thinking about how race, class, gender, and sexual identity operate in various different forms of media!

First, some thoughts about how I use media — and perhaps more specifically digital and mobile technology, since I find that to be more and more a part of my everyday way of functioning in the world. These days I am often carrying around multiple devices, most of which connect to the Internet wirelessly in one way or another — which makes me wonder a bit about redundancy and how much I really need each one.

Image and sound are now portable in a way that was not possible when I was coming of age, and I’m still getting used to the idea that I can share photos, music, video, and other forms of media (rather than just text or even old-fashioned print paper) instantly (or nearly so, depending on the speed of my connection) through email or social networking sites.

I think traditionally people have associated “media” with “news” — and am wondering to what extent that is still true, or whether our perception of what counts as news has changed with the technology. I read more news online than ever before, but also receive breaking news in other ways, through Twitter, Facebook, and email. I welcome comments from anyone on how these new forms of communication have changed your relationship to news media and distribution of information.