Gender and Media

5 Sep

Welcome to my blog for Gender and Media, a course designed toward thinking about how race, class, gender, and sexual identity operate in various different forms of media!

First, some thoughts about how I use media — and perhaps more specifically digital and mobile technology, since I find that to be more and more a part of my everyday way of functioning in the world. These days I am often carrying around multiple devices, most of which connect to the Internet wirelessly in one way or another — which makes me wonder a bit about redundancy and how much I really need each one.

Image and sound are now portable in a way that was not possible when I was coming of age, and I’m still getting used to the idea that I can share photos, music, video, and other forms of media (rather than just text or even old-fashioned print paper) instantly (or nearly so, depending on the speed of my connection) through email or social networking sites.

I think traditionally people have associated “media” with “news” — and am wondering to what extent that is still true, or whether our perception of what counts as news has changed with the technology. I read more news online than ever before, but also receive breaking news in other ways, through Twitter, Facebook, and email. I welcome comments from anyone on how these new forms of communication have changed your relationship to news media and distribution of information.


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